More Of You

More Of You

More Of You

More Of You

Hillsong Young & Free, III
Key: F#

I remember when I saw You
And a glimpse of life appeared
Love reflected like a mirror
Showing who I'm meant to be

When You give Your heart
You don't leave me wanting
For anything
Love has called my name
What could separate us now forever

I wanna know Your love, Your love
I need more of You, less of me
I wanna know more of Your heart
Make me who You want me to be
God, this is my prayer
Make me more aware of You
I wanna know You, I wanna know You
Jesus, Jesus
I need more of You
More of You, less of me

All these vacant empty pictures
Are like dancing smoke and screens
Still You're holding my attention
God with every word You speak



No eye has seen
No mind conceived
All the depths of Your great love
So I'll worship You
With everything
Jesus, have Your way in me

I wanna know Your love
I wanna know Your love


© 2018Hillsong Music Publishing / CCLI #7110932
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